bay_bridgeWolf Studios is the independent side project of Jeremy Fuller. Wolf Studios focuses on designing high quality, engaging applications and games.

Jeremy Fuller

An enterprise software developer by day, Jeremy has 30 years of experience in software engineering, graphic design, product management, UX, and other areas.

Jeremy studied as a music composer, but has always been interested in more of a multimedia approach. In 2010, he joined the ranks of mobile developers. His first product for the iOS platform, Bourbon Enthusiast, was a success with the niche crowd of bourbon connoisseurs.

In February of 2011, his follow up project was released: War of Words. War of Words shakes up the traditional Scrabble-like genre by adding “Action Tiles”, extra tiles that spice up the game with explosions, shields, super high scores, and more.

War of Words 2, the next entry in the War of Words franchise, takes the original formula and expands it to new heights, with Nuclear Bombs, Blasters, Black Holes, Portals, and much more. War of Words 2 takes players to a dense jungle, where they can battle a volcano and defend an island against pirates. Players then travel to the desert, where they unearth treasures, escape mummies, and discover a mysterious genie.

His third project, Forword Rush, is a new style of hybrid word-action game, featuring adrenaline-pumping word building set to an 80s-inspired soundtrack. It’s sure to be an experience you’ll never forget, as you race to complete objectives and adventure through three unique worlds.

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