Ever gazed at the shelf in your liquor store, wanting to try a new bourbon, but unwilling to risk the purchase on a label alone? Luckily, bourbon lovers from around the world have chipped in with reviews and tasting notes for many of the brands and bottlings available.

Bourbon Enthusiast takes all the information available onĀ www.bourbonenthusiast.com and packages it up into an easy to use mobile app.

  • Search through most American bourbons
  • Rate bourbons, and see how other users have rated them
  • See information about the bourbon, including when it was bottled, it’s age, alcohol content, bottling company, location, availability, and more
  • Contains photos of most bottles
  • Drill into thousands of user reviews containing tasting notes, bottle cost, and more
  • Tag bottles (three tags to choose from, allowing you to track bourbons you want to taste, bourbons you liked, and bourbons you disliked)
  • Enter your own private tasting notes
  • Share bourbons with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Read about the bourbon later using Instapaper or Read It Later
  • Find bottles that are similar to the one you’re viewing
  • Jump to bourbonenthusiast.com, where you can add your own reviews
  • Does not require an Internet connection*

Bourbon Enthusiast will be updated regularly with new bottles, reviews, and pictures.

* Internet connection is required to rate bottles, see other users’ ratings, and share bourbons with friends

Bourbon Enthusiast
Available on the App Store