War of Words submitted to the App Store

Posted by on Jan 25, 2011 in News | No Comments

Our second major project, War of Words, has been submitted to the App Store today. We’ve currently set a release date of February 10. Assuming all goes well with the approval process, we should be on schedule!

I keep using the terms “we” and “our”, but in reality, Wolf Studios is a solo project right now. That’s right, I’m it. My wife is a major help, and I run a lot of decisions by her for sanity checking. I also have a great group of alpha and beta testers who really helped polish up War of Words. The instinct to make myself sound like a larger company comes from my “day job”, which is a relatively small company that tries to play with the bigger fish. It works to an extent.

Anyway, I’m very excited about War of Words. I think it really represents a step up in the word game genre. I also have some great plans for the future of the game. Be sure to check it out when it releases!

You can read more about War of Words at http://www.wordswithbombs.com.