Enter the Jungle!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in News | No Comments

Welcome to the Jungle! The War of Words 2 v4.1 update introduces the first expansion pack, Jungle of the Elements. This expansion raises the level cap to 16 and introduces the Fire, Rain, and Lightning tiles! Get ready for new mechanics featuring Water, Pirate Ships, and Sharks! Experience 16 brand new boards with beautiful jungle-themed scenery. Test your limits with 27 new achievements, and earn 7 new titles and 6 new avatars!

Jungle of the Elements is available for purchase in the in-game Store. As long as you own the expansion, you can challenge other players using the expansion (and they don’t need to own it). 

Please note: in order to experience the new content in the expansion, you will need to already have filled up your experience bar at level 12.


This update also adds:

  • iPhone 4 players: In order to greatly enhance your experience, Black Holes will no longer animate
  • New option: Preferred Tile Color. You can use this to always appear to yourself as your preferred color. (Other players may see you as a different color.)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to progressively slow down over time for players with iOS 6
  • Fixed an issue that caused placing tiles to be extremely slow on certain boards
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements