The apocalypse draws near…

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I’m excited to announce the next game in the War of Words series: War of Words 2!

Are you ready for the ultimate battle? The most action-packed word game ever devised, War of Words 2 takes your standard online crossword game and amplifies it with Bombs, Poisons, Blasters, Black Holes, Portals, Nuclear Bombs, and more! Level your character up, unlocking new actions and boards. Experience epic four player games, customize your character with unique titles and avatars, or try out Nightmare Mode for an extra challenge! Grab an extra boost anytime by calling in the Reserves! All this and much more await you in this new addition to the War of Words series.

The alpha test has reached it’s conclusion, and closed beta testing begins today.

War of Words 2 is coming this summer for iPhone and iPad.

To sign up to be notified when War of Words 2 is released, and for a chance to win one of 10 free copies of the game, visit us at

Also make sure to visit our new forums, which also just launched today! You can watch the beta test as it happens.