War of Words 2.0 released

Posted by on Jun 30, 2011 in News | No Comments

The next update to War of Words has been released! We’re excited about this update, and hope you enjoy the new features. Here are the major changes:

  • Greatly sped up communications with the server
  • Bombs can now be played along with words in the same turn (and you can play several bombs at once!)
  • You can now play tiles on the board when it’s not your turn
  • Resign Game functionality has been changed. You can Cancel or Refuse the game if it’s your first turn, without a penalty to either player. If your opponent hasn’t played in 3 days or more, you can End Idle Game, causing your opponent to lose (you don’t win). Otherwise, you can Forfeit Game, which gives you a loss and your opponent a win.
  • Games will now take 30 days to time out
  • Finished with your turn? Hit the Next button to go to your next game
  • Your Game Center friends list is now sorted by nickname
  • Game Over dialogs now contain a Rematch button
  • New option (Reverse Game Order): Let’s you sort active games oldest to newest
  • New option (Large Chat Size): Let’s you magnify the chat font size even further
  • 4 new boards have been released
  • Players should not receive the Start Over or Extra Turn Tiles at the end of the game as often
  • Added 13 new achievements
  • Updated the dictionary
  • A variety of bug fixes and other enhancements