New trailer for War of Words

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We just released the new War of Words trailer. Check it out!

War of Words 2.0 released

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The next update to War of Words has been released! We’re excited about this update, and hope you enjoy the new features. Here are the major changes:

  • Greatly sped up communications with the server
  • Bombs can now be played along with words in the same turn (and you can play several bombs at once!)
  • You can now play tiles on the board when it’s not your turn
  • Resign Game functionality has been changed. You can Cancel or Refuse the game if it’s your first turn, without a penalty to either player. If your opponent hasn’t played in 3 days or more, you can End Idle Game, causing your opponent to lose (you don’t win). Otherwise, you can Forfeit Game, which gives you a loss and your opponent a win.
  • Games will now take 30 days to time out
  • Finished with your turn? Hit the Next button to go to your next game
  • Your Game Center friends list is now sorted by nickname
  • Game Over dialogs now contain a Rematch button
  • New option (Reverse Game Order): Let’s you sort active games oldest to newest
  • New option (Large Chat Size): Let’s you magnify the chat font size even further
  • 4 new boards have been released
  • Players should not receive the Start Over or Extra Turn Tiles at the end of the game as often
  • Added 13 new achievements
  • Updated the dictionary
  • A variety of bug fixes and other enhancements

Bourbon Enthusiast 3.0 released

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Today marks the official release of Bourbon Enthusiast 3.0!

I tried to get everything that people have asked for into this version. Here are the changes:

  • New database snapshot
  • Share bourbons via Facebook and Twitter
  • Read about the bourbon later using Instapaper or Read It Later
  • View bottles sorted into various tabs (all bottles, by company, by age, tagged bottles, rated bottles)
  • Rate bottles 1-5 stars. See what your rating is and what the average of all other users is. (Requires an Internet connection.)
  • Add your own tasting notes. These are only visible on your device. To add tasting notes for the rest of the world to see, visit

Next up, I’m working on what will be the final War of Words feature update for some time. I’ll be starting some new research and projects after that.

Roadmap for spring and early summer, 2011

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Hey word warriors and bourbon enthusiasts! I wanted to let everyone know what our current development schedule looks like. So without further ado:

  • First, we’ll be launching a redesigned and (these will be done by the time you read this)
  • Next up, we’ll be working on Bourbon Enthusiast 3.0, which will include many of the features people have been asking for
  • After that, we plan on doing the next major feature update for War of Words, which should bring in more requests from our players, as well as several important networking and speed improvements
  • Once that’s done, we’ll start working on our next Mystery Project™

As always, we appreciate your support! Drop us a five-star review and tell your friends!

Upcoming roadmap for War of Words

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Hello again, warriors! We’d like to share with you some insight into our upcoming roadmap for War of Words.

First up, the 1.8 update should arrive either late today or tomorrow (whenever Apple approves it). This update is only a bug fix release (for example, it fixes the double-game bug when you choose Random Board).

For the past several weeks, we’ve noticed the game crashing for some players, but haven’t been able to figure out why. To remedy that, 1.8 also includes a new crash reporting tool. If your game crashes on you, you’ll get a prompt the next time you run it asking if you want to report the crash. We encourage you to do so, as this will greatly help us iron out issues.

Our next major goal for the game is to get it to be as user friendly as possible. To that end, we’re working on a pretty major revamp of the tutorials, new user experience, launch experience, Game Center integration, and networking code. We can’t give any specifics just yet, but it should turn out great! We hope to make it as easy as possible to get started and learn the game. We’ll also pack in more features and requests from you guys, as usual. That said, this one is going to take a bit longer to develop than our normal rapid-fire updates. So stay tuned… the best is yet to come!

War of Words now available on the App Store

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War of Words has now been released on the App Store around the world. Come join us on the battlefield!

War of Words releasing February 3

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War of Words has been approved by Apple! I’ve bumped the release date up a week, to Thursday, February 3. It should appear around midnight on Wednesday in the local time zone for each store around the world.

See you on the battlefield!

War of Words submitted to the App Store

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Our second major project, War of Words, has been submitted to the App Store today. We’ve currently set a release date of February 10. Assuming all goes well with the approval process, we should be on schedule!

I keep using the terms “we” and “our”, but in reality, Wolf Studios is a solo project right now. That’s right, I’m it. My wife is a major help, and I run a lot of decisions by her for sanity checking. I also have a great group of alpha and beta testers who really helped polish up War of Words. The instinct to make myself sound like a larger company comes from my “day job”, which is a relatively small company that tries to play with the bigger fish. It works to an extent.

Anyway, I’m very excited about War of Words. I think it really represents a step up in the word game genre. I also have some great plans for the future of the game. Be sure to check it out when it releases!

You can read more about War of Words at


Welcome to the blog!

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Welcome to the Wolf Studios blog! We’ll be sharing various tidbits of information here, including upcoming releases, behind the scenes info about our development process, and more.